Personal Handicap Values based on 2022 Race Results

Personal Handicap values will be updated at the end of each series of races, with older races being replaced by more recent race results.

Personal Handicaps are added to the PY Handicap of the boat being sailed, so a negative PH would mean that the PY of the boat being sailed is made harder, whilst a positive PH value would provide a headstart.

Helm  2022 PH
Wayne Atherton -141.7
Philip Worth -124.7
Gordon Riddell -122.6
Karen Taylor -114.1
Tony Wright -110.0
Will Dyson -70.9
Graham Clow -69.6
Graham Crabtree -56.1
Ian Brown -44.3
Luke Harrison -30.7
Sian Riddell -21.4
Andy Avery -20.4
Ian Webber-Rostron -19.3
Ian Oldbury -17.1
Andy Taylor -15.7
Nigel Wilcock -13.8
Jason Kay -7.3
Nicola Gillham -6.0
Mark Ashworth 2.4
Alan Barton 16.8
John Haines 26.9
David Mole 46.8
Bill Morris 64.1
Will Taylor 85.5
Molly Haslam 101.9
Lilly Brown 110.3
Martin Rouse 111.6
Poppy Haslam 167.4
Ned Manock 285.2